September 18-25 2021


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2021 Theme: Health in our communities

We are seeking projects that work with data related to recovery from the COVID19 pandemic, with a focus in one of the following dimensions:

Social recovery:

How did the pandemic impact our mental, emotional and social well being? Can you use data to inform paths towards recovery?

Economic recovery:

The pandemic impacted drastically our economy, resulting in high rates of unemployment and underemployment. Can you use data science to identify those impacted the most and suggest policy changes or a booming industry?

Sustainable recovery:

How can we reintegrate into every-day life post pandemic while also reducing our carbon emissions?

Public health recovery:

In what ways can our community be better prepared for a situation like this? What areas were lacking when it came to our collective response and how can we improve this?

What is a Datajam?

Vancouver Datajam 2021 is a virtual one-week, hackathon-like event where participants develop their coding skills and met other members of the community. Participating groups includ RLadies, PyLadies, SFU Scientific Programming, Data for Good and Women in Data Science.

For the 2021 Datajam, we use data and programming to understand how our communities were impacted, and through those insights identify roads towards recovery. Datajam participants will work to understand, visualize, interpret and suggest possible steps our community members can take from the COVID19 pandemic. This free social coding event brings together Canada’s young programmers, scientists and citizens with the common goal of learning, networking and improving the state the pandemic has left us in.

The event kicks off with a day of workshops in Python, R, GitHub and Julia hosted on September 18. Pre-formed teams will then have the option to work asynchronously from September 19 - 24, and socialize with others during this time. On September 25, participants will have a dedicated day-long coding session along with mentors and team leads, followed by a career panel. Our aim is to foster a beginner-friendly environment and to increase the visibility of femme-identified individuals, WoC and gender minorities in the fields of data science and technology. If you have any questions or concerns about the event please contact

Our events are always open to everyone, especially those coming from marginalized backgrounds and gender minorities.

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Whether you're a beginner, just getting comfy in your skills or you've been at this a long time, we have a place for you.