2021 Workshops

All the information about workshops happening on September 18th can be found here. There will be 3 workshops in the morning session, a lunch break followed by a afternoon session of workshops. Some workshops may provide additional "office hours" in the week leading up to the Datajam. Check back here for more information!

Intro to Noteable and the Python Data Stack

Faciliators: Carol Willing (she/her) and Dave Stuart (he/him)

Carol Willing is the VP of Learning at Noteable and is a member of both the Jupyter Steering Council and the Python Steering Council. Carol has a strong commitment to community outreach and education. She’s passionate about Open Science and Education and serves on the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Open Science Advisory Board.

Dave Stuart is the Director of Customer Success at Noteable. Previously Dave was a senior executive at the National Security Agency where he founded and led a large-scale effort to use Jupyter Notebooks to empower business analysts.

Workshop Description

This workshop will provide an introduction Noteable - a collaborative notebook platform. We will cover how to easily get up and running with notebooks on Noteable, including how to access data and create rich visualizations. The workshop will then provide an introduction to the Python Data Stack, sharing popular libraries used to analyze and make sense of large data sets.

Git/Github Workshop

Faciliator: Shannon Lo (she/her)

Shannon is a data analyst who has worked in various industries including telecom, retail, and public health. Currently, her work involves building products backed by analytics and synthesizing data to highlight optimization opportunities and insights. When she's not geeking out about data, you can usually find her hiking, snowshoeing, or camping.

Workshop Description

This workshop will equip you with the basics of the version control software git and how to collaborate with others on Github. Participants will be able to pull, commit and push by the end of this session as well as branch and fork repos. This workshop is recommended for anyone attending as it is an important piece in online coding collaborations.

Python Beginner Workshop

Faciliator: Jennifer Walker (she/her)

Jennifer is an environmental scientist who uses data science to study the Earth's atmosphere and climate. Her favourite programming language is Python and she loves to spread the joy of Python to others as a workshop instructor. She also enjoys volunteering with Data for Good, using data science to support local non-profit organizations that are working to improve our community.

Workshop Description

This beginner level workshop will introduce data analysis with Python, focusing on Jupyter notebooks, working with data in Pandas, and visualization with Seaborn. A familiarity with Python basics will help you get the most out of this workshop, but you do not need any prior experience with Pandas or any other libraries.

Python Workshop - Data Structures

Faciliator: Fatemeh Salehian Kia (she/her)

Fatemeh Salehian Kia is a data scientist. Her area of research is learning analytics and AI. Her interests are not limited to data science but are broadened by applying theory and understanding design.

Workshop Description

This workshop will introduce the core data structures of the Python programming language. We will explore how we can use the Python built-in data structures such as lists, dictionaries, and tuples to perform data analysis. Basic knowledge of Python programming is recommended to attend this workshop.

R Beginner Workshop

Facilitator: Yuka Takemon (she/her)

Yuka is a PhD candidate in the Genome Science and Technology program at UBC. She is a member of the Marra Lab at Canada’s Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre, where she conducts her research to understand genetic interactions of genes that are frequently mutated in cancers. Yuka is also a certified instructor at The Carpentries and RStudio, and is one of the organizers of RLadies Vancouver. When she’s not at the lab, Yuka is teaching introductory workshops in bioinformatics and programming to help “wet lab” sciences make the transition over to the “dry lab”.

Workshop Description

This intro R workshop will use RStudio with a focus on data wrangling and data visualization with the tidyverse packages, and report generation using RMarkdown. This will be a good workshop for anyone who is completely new to programming or wants to refresh their R knowledge.

R Workshop - special topic

Facilitator: Zaid Haddad (he/him)

Zaid is a Data Scientist Leader at Slalom. He brings experience delivering high quality data science solutions in personalized healthcare and big data while supporting commercialization in regulated environments. He has supported several organizations in the development and implementation of data science products’ road map from conception to deployment. Zaid holds his Bachelor of Science from Simon Fraser University in Computing Science and Molecular Biology & Biochemistry.

Workshop Description

This is an advanced R workshop focused on machine learning. This workshop provides a hands-on introduction to supervised machine learning. The workshop will step through the process of building, testing and comparing models. Basic knowledge of R and the tidyverse package is required.

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